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    With great flavors and an amazing ambiance, there’s no better time to try hookah.


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Try the best hookah in town

If you thought all hookah bars were created equal, you're wrong. Whether you make smoking hookah a habit or just want to try it out, there’s only one place to go for the best experience night after night.

Come in today and give The Singin’ Bowl a try and see what hookah is really all about. With our diverse atmosphere you’ll notice the difference right away – we guarantee it!

A group of young man inside the The Singin' Bowl

Sing, dance and shout!

There are some hookah bars that are quiet, relaxed and laid-back, offering patrons a mellow place to sit and smoke.  If that’s what you’re used to, you’ll love it here.
At The Singin' Bowl, you also get the best of both worlds. It's a mellow place at times and wild at others. With dancing, karaoke and DJs, you’ll get the best experience in town!

FuN and FunKy Atmosphere

Ever been to a boring hookah bar? Too few flavors and all the same brand? Don't mix in mint just to change it up.Come in and choose from over 100 exciting flavors like Incredible Hulk, Purple Haze and Quack Quack.

With comfy overstuffed couches you can kick back and enjoy some music, movies or one of Boston's own Sporting Events. We have your back at The Singin' Bowl.

Dozens of flavors to try

When you go to a traditional hookah bar, you may get bored with the flavors once you’ve tried them all.

When you smoke with us, however, you’ll always get to try something new, delicious, and exciting! We offer over 100 flavors and the largest bowls, giving you more bang for your buck than anyone in the Northeast.


Have yourself a hookah party

What are the two best things in life? Hookah and parties, of course!

Have your next throw down at The Singin’ Bowl and see the kind of fun you can have with the coolest team in town.

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